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Note: All merchandise must be returned in the same condition as when it was sent and in the original packaging. Please contact me for information. I will always do my best to make sure you are happy with your purchase. I understand how a good handbag is not only a way to carry those essential items, but it can bring confidence to a person as well.

What’s the like guarantee all about? I love the handbags I make. In fact, I only know the bag is finished when I am bursting to use it myself. I wish I could use them all. At that point, I write the listings, take the photos and put it online here.

Like Guarantee.

I’m so confident you will like the ilyware handmade handbags as much as me, that I’m putting my word behind it. If when you get your ilyware handbag, you don’t like it as much as me, you can return it.

If you don’t like it like me – use my like guarantee!

Each bag I make is unique, the hardware like the zippers and fasteners are selected by me and I’ve checked each item that goes into these bags. When I’ve been sewing these handbags, I get to know them. They often change during this process with me adding more pockets or a different fabric. The bag really does tell me how it should be made. I love this process so much.


One Month Warranty.

Equally, if there are any faults within the first month, I will fix them. Just contact me with a description of the issue and if it is from my sewing then I am happy to fix this for you. I want everyone who uses an ilyware bag to be proud (and stylish) to carry it knowing the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into it.

Hope that sounds good!

~ Christine


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