ilyware handbags and accessories this year

Hello – thank you for having a look at the new ilyware site! I’ve finally launched my dream of ilyware – and there are a few styles and materials that I hope you love as much as I do. Say goodbye to boring bags in 2018!

About the products

This Winter my main collection is The Countryman’s Daughter, which are warm and stylish fabrics. There are also other styles that I have launched to go alongside the main collection on the new ilyware site.

  • Black denim, and jean materials that provide a lovely durability and shape to the handbags.
  • Black canvas as a fabric for many of the bags. Canvas is very durable and sturdy, giving your bag longevity and style.
  • Amazing quirky fabrics that are a delight everytime you see them – these are usually ‘hidden’ in the bag as a lovely lining fabric so that only you see it. It is a real treat!
  • Many different pocket styles. Somewhere to put all your things is very important, so I try to be sure to have several pockets.
  • Several styles of bag shapes. I have some messenger style, boxy messengers, mini book totes that are a perfect size for books, iPad, and little items that you may want to grab-and-go.
  • Fun organizers – if you aren’t needing a new handbag at the moment but you love the styling then you might want to pick up a fun organizer. These have a notebook and a place for your essential cards.
  • Wristlet key fobs to match your bags.
  • …and more!

I hope you’ll find something you love for yourself, and even for a friend! Have a wonderful 2018, feel free to email me with your requests for bags, fabrics, colours, themes and all things bag related. 

~ Christine

handbag purse
One of the handbags – black jean and black leather. This one has a back zippered pocket on the outside. Perfect for your mobile!