ilyware online, electronic handbags? … and more to come!


Hello! electronic handbags? I’m so happy to be able to launch the new ilyware online shop. Soon we will also feature ‘Electronic’ handbags, so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, welcome to the launch collection, Countryman’s Daughter’. I’m so proud to be able to bring you these wonderfully unique handbags and purses. This collection is a beautiful style that brings warm tones and classy appeal to the range. You can read more about it in my collection post.


This site has been a long time in the making. ilyware has been a concept for several years and there has been work behind the scenes to be able to get to this year of launch. To start with I will be selling my handmade products as I make them, as well as ‘to order’. My time will be spent making these initial products in a range of a few styles.

Also, I will be spending a portion of my time to finishing my design of my electronic handbags. The Electric bags have a circuit in them (that I have designed and made) that enables you to track your items.

More can be seen in this early video explaining the concept:

I am in the process of completing my next version of the circuit. When finished, it will be integrated into some of the handbags. There has been a lot of testing with many users (men and women styles) so there has been a lot of feedback and growth. I am hoping to have these on the site for Summer 2018! When they are launched they will form part of the series ‘Electronic’ so be sure to follow my site and updates.

Please have a look around at the beautiful collection and products I have online now – which will be updated as I make more – and hopefully, I’ll see you again when the electronic side of the handbags gets launched!