Countryman ‘Boxy’


This is a sneak preview of a new style to be added to the Countryman’s Daughter collection. The new style is made from the chenille fabric but with a grey overtone. It’s a lovely material! Also, the ‘boxy’ style has a lining that is blue pinstripes rather than the pink.


This ilyware handbag It will be a limited item though, so when it’s gone it won’t be replaced. I’m anticipating to have only a few of this bag made. There will be more details posted when the bag is featured. I can tell you though that it is large enough for an iPad or similar device, as well as any notebooks you might be using. Wallets, glasses, gum and all the other things we seem to put into our bags will fit this ‘boxy’ style. 

It will have an inside zippered lined, in-line pocket, a flat card pocket inside as well as a flat pocket on the outside. It is also very smooth to the touch. It’s such a lush bag! 

What to do until then?

Very excited, so watch this space for when it is on the site soon. In the meanwhile, feel free to have a look at some of the other bags that are currently available – don’t forget, these are unique items so when they are gone they may not be replaced. Zippers are sometimes out of stock, or the fabric run has finished so the items might not be in that same configuration again.